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Walk With The Giants

Walk With The Giants

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Alongside the Tree Top Walk, the Valley of the Giants site includes a boardwalk through a grove of veteran tingle trees known as The Ancient Empire. This area contains the ‘Giants’ for which the forest was named. Some of the trees in the Ancient Empire are up to 16 metres in circumference at the base. The boardwalks and paths meanders around, and sometimes through, the old trees and affords a peaceful experience, with quiet spots to sit and reflect on the special nature of the tingle forest.


As well as giving visitors a different perspective on the shapes, sounds and movement of the forest, the boardwalks and paths are designed to protect the tingle trees from the damaging impact of large numbers of visitors. With boardwalks and sealed paths, 500 metres of this trail is suitable for all abilities including wheelchairs and prams. A further 150 metres of the trail has steps.

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