Walpole Wilderness Information

The Walpole Wilderness features a vast, natural and wild landscape encompassing tranquil forests, imposing granite peaks, peaceful rivers, wetlands and breathtaking beaches. It is also home to old majestic tingle forests, which occur nowhere else in the world!


Three discovery sites form the award winning Walpole Wilderness Discovery Centre, Swarbrick art in the forest, Mount Frankland and the famous Tree Top Walk. Together these sites interpret the unique biodiversity and majesty of the Wilderness.

Walk in the treetops

The Valley of the Giants-Tree Top Walk, a walkway, 40 metres above the ground amid the spectacular heights of the tingle forest canopy. Experience walking in the tree tops and enjoy views over core wilderness. The 600-metre walk is fully accessible and is suitable for children of all ages, wheelchairs, and strollers.

A walking trail links the Tree Top Walk to the Ancient Empire, where an interpretative trail meanders across the forest floor in between 400-year-old red tingle trees. The trail follows the story of the lost era of Gondwana.

Much of the plant life in this forest is unique to the south-west of Australia. Trees such as the tingle only occur in this small area and as such provide a window to the past. Some of the plants have origins that can be traced back 65 million years to the super continent Gondwana when Australia was joined with what are now Africa, India, Antarctic and South America.

The ancient and unique red tingle forest is a must-see during your stay in the south-west!
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Walpole-Nornalup National Park Information

Tree Top Walk Entrance
Tree Top Walpole Widerness
Tree Top Walk Canapy
Tree Top Walk in the Canapy
Tree Top Walk
Tree Top Walk Ancient Empire
Tree Top Walk
Tree Top Walk Ancient Empire
Tree Top Walk Ancient Empire
Tree Top Walk Ancient Empire
Tree Top Walk Ancient Empire Walk
Ancient Empire Walk
Mount Frankland Walpole Wilderness
Mount Frankland Walks
Mount Frankland Wilderness lookout
View the Walpole Wilderness from hig
Swarbrick Forest Art Loop
Swarbrick Forest Art Loop

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ADDRESS: Valley of the Giants Road,
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